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About Narrabri

Narrabri is a prosperous, modern country town servicing a large and highly productive agricultural district. The Narrabri Shire covers 13,000 km, and is in the heart of the rich Namoi Valley in north western NSW. Narrabri is considered to be a strong service and transport centre for the wheat, cotton, and livestock industries of the district and is easily located six hours from both Sydney and Brisbane, where the Newell and Kamilaroi Highways meet.


Narrabri is the headquarters for two major agricultural research stations, the Australian Cotton Research Institute and the IA Watson Grains Research Centre.



The Narrabri district has become an increasingly popular tourist centre because of its proximity to the Mount Kaputar National Park, the CSIRO Australia Telescope, and other rural attractions of the district. Tourism plays a significant role in Narrabri's economy, with an average of 30,000 tourists annually.



Narrabri's growth and development is strongly tied to the success of its agricultural and commercial industries, and is moving ahead towards a prosperous future with the current population being approximately 7,500.



The town boasts a broad range of commercial, industrial and retail services in the central business district and the industrial estate. There is a wide range of sporting facilities and many picturesque playing fields.



Narrabri has a young, energetic population. School enrolment levels have been rising and strong building approval numbers for new homes and flats suggest that population growth is set to continue.



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