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CRDC Spotlight: Disease suppression and species shift

Winter Edition

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Welcome to the Winter edition of CRDC's Spotlight magazine! 

In this edition:

  • Our industry's five-year sustainability report card is released;
  • Creating disease suppressive soils; and
  • The CCA survey shows species shift in herbicide resistance.

... plus much more!

Spotlight has been landing in the mailboxes of our subscribers over the past week, in preparation for the start of Winter.

CottonInfo e-news: Three new options to control ratoons

Cotton Info E News

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Effective crop destruction is an important part of the management of a Bollgard 3 system.

Ratoon cotton poses a resistance risk as it extends the amount of time Helicoverpa are exposed to the toxins contained in Bt cotton outside of the cotton growing season. Ratoon cotton is a host for pests and diseases. Pests such as aphids, silverleaf whitefly and mealybug can use ratoon cotton to survive over winter and re infest the following cotton crop. Ratoon cotton can also carryover disease such as verticillium wilt, black root rot and fusarium wilt. In other crops and subsequent cotton crops, ratoon cotton is considered a weed and can affect yield through plant competition.

North West Local Land Sevices - Newsletter Winter 2020

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What's the news?
Everything you need to know
We are still here on the ground when it matters, with knowledge, networks and experience. Our staff are still able to assist landholders to manage and plan their agricultural production, biosecurity, natural resource management and emergency management needs.

Like all government agencies, our top priority is the safety and health of our customers and employees. At the same time, we understand that our customers rely on our services and that they are important for business continuity. You can still contact us directly on mobile, via 1300 795 299 or through our online enquiry form. 

Legal action looms over water sharing plans

Harriet Alexander Sydney Morning Herald

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Floodplain graziers and environmental groups are considering legal action against the NSW government if it signs off on controversial water sharing plans, arguing the plans do not adequately take into account the needs of downstream users and the environment.

The Australian Floodplain Association, Macquarie Marshes Environmental Landholders Association and Inland Rivers Network have not ruled out litigation in the Land and Environment Court or the Federal Court if the plans are not amended to more evenly share the pain of a drier climate.

NSW water officials knew decades of unmeasured floodplain harvesting by irrigators was illegal

Kerry Brewster - Guardian

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New South Wales water officials have acknowledged that decades of unregulated and unmeasured floodplain harvesting by irrigators was illegal, the minutes of recent meetings show.

At a January meeting, a week before the first drenching rains in northern NSW, members of a senior government water group discussed the legal implications of irrigators harvesting floodwaters, a widespread but unregulated method that accounts for up to a third of the water used by operators in the northern part of the Murray-Darling Basin.

The practice of irrigators collecting floodwaters using banks and levees to divert the water into large storages and dams has been blamed for contributing to declining flows further down the Murray-Darling River system. The 2018 South Australian royal commission described floodplain harvesting as “one of the most significant threats to water security in the Northern Murray-Darling Basin to both licence holders and downstream states”.


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