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NSW water woes worsen with river to dry up as tomato town faces crisis

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The drought gripping much of NSW is tightening, forcing authorities to prepare to cut flows along a major river in the north west, while job losses loom as towns in the Northern Tablelands start to dry.

WaterNSW on Monday will announce that unless conditions improve, regulated flows along the Macquarie River below the town of Warren will cease from early spring to prioritise water supplies for towns and key users.

Cotton farmer defends water use in drought-hit Murray-Darling Basin, as ecologists warn of 'tipping point'

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Cotton has become a contentious crop in this drought.

Farmer Andrew Watson, from Boggabri in north-west New South Wales, says some of the criticism of irrigators has been vicious.

"Having seen some death threats … it just shows there's a real lack of understanding of how the systems work," he said. 

"We only use the water that's allocated to us."

It's harvest time and Mr Watson says this year's crop is down.

"We've actually had a real shortfall in water. So the crop outcome is not very good," he said.

"We're probably going to produce an outcome that's about 70 per cent of what we'd like to produce."

Unless there's significant rain, next year will be worse.


Inquiry into Inland Rail supported by CWA of NSW State Conference in Albury

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The map that does not make sense (unless you are the owner of the red box ie Santos).

No business case has been released for this greenfield rerouting of the Inland Rail right through the Pilliga forest (no farms in there!) and the CWA have now joined NSW Farmers and Labor in the call for an inquiry.

"The conference voted to request the federal government hold an independent inquiry into the green field routes and funding for the inland rail project."



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