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New $5 billion future drought fund to help farmers battle changing climates

ABC News

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Helping farmers prepare for future droughts will be the focus of a new multi-billion-dollar fund that Prime Minister Scott Morrison will unveil today.

The $5-billion Future Drought Fund will be announced at a national drought summit, which brings together state and federal governments, weather experts, farm lobbyists and charities, in Canberra.

Key points:
The Federal Government will commit an initial $3.9 billion to the fund, with $100 million to be available each year from 2020
Money will be provided for community services, research, technology and infrastructure
Legislation to create the fund will need to pass Parliament
The Federal Government will initially commit $3.9 billion to the fund, which will reach $5 billion by 2028.

But only $100 million will be available each year from 2020, with that money being allocated by a board of guardians.

Mullaley Drought Taskforce and Mark Coulton prepare for federal drought summit

The Northern Daily Leader Billy Jupp

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THE Mullaley Drought Taskforce is hoping to put forward a range of suggestions via a submission to this Friday’s federal government drought summit in Canberra.

Interest rate subsides, post drought recovery and protecting stock breeding herds are some of what the group of locals will bring to the government’s attention.

NSW Farmers furious with government

The Land Daniel Pedersen

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NSW Farmers, after months of protracted negotiations with the Australian Rail Track Corporation, has laid the $10 billion Inland Rail project’s shortcomings squarely at the feet of the Coalition Government.

It says the decision to cut a new route across the Pilliga, slicing through farming properties, was ill-conceived and not even properly assessed.

Community Funding Opportunities and Award Programs - September 2018

Regional Development Australia Northern Inland NSW

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Welcome to our new Community Funding Opportunities and Awards Program Newsletter where you will find details of selected grant submissions from around the region for Community Projects and Award Programs.

Due to the number of grants that are available, we now send two funding opportunities newsletters a month; one for Business and Infrastructure and another for Community Projects and Award Programs, rather than the one combined newsletter.

We wish you all the best with the Funding Opportunities below and if you are looking for a grant between newsletters, have a look at the grants area of our website which is updated weekly: www.rdani.org.au/our-region/grants-and-funding-opportunities.php

If you need some facts and figures for your applications, a range of data for our region is also available on our website here: www.rdani.org.au/our-region/regional-data.php

Blair seeks Federal tax concessions for farmers at summit

John Ellicott The Land

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NSW Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair fears Friday’s drought summit in Canberra will be a talkfest with 150 people expected to attend the meeting at Old Parliament House. “That will give them about two minutes each to speak,” he says.

Instead Mr Blair is taking two firm tax-related proposals to Canberra he will will put on the table that he believes will ease financial stress for farmers.


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