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Barnaby backs coal unless Australians want nuclear power supply

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Barnaby Joyce has called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) recommendation to phase out coal by 2050 as “wrong and ridiculous”, while once again suggesting Australians need to look at nuclear power.

Last weekend the IPCC, the world’s foremost panel on climate change, issued a report stating global greenhouse gas emissions must reach zero by 2050 in order to stop global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Boggabri Business and Community Progress Association calls for Grain Valley Road to be completed

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Boggbari is missing out on tourism because Grain Valley Road isn't completely sealed, the town's progress association says.

The road is a major thoroughfare, which connects Mullaley and Boggabri, with 17.4km still unsealed after more than a decade of lobbying. The project is estimated at $8.2 million and is waiting on state funding.

The gravel section has been labelled “dangerous and vehicle-destroying”, with many avoiding the route altogether and instead going through Gunnedah.

“Boggabri is missing out on tourism because the tar’s just not there,” Boggabri Business and Community Progress Association member Donna Turner said.

“A lot of people that come down from Coonabarabran to Boggabri and have caravans won’t use the road because it’s not tarred. They go through Gunnedah instead and bypass Boggabri.”

Tammey McAllan joins Boggabri 229 Fire & Rescue NSW

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Instead of painting a canvas on the weekend, Boggabri’s Tammey McAllan jumped in a fire truck.

The artist is the newest retained firefighter in the Boggabri 229 Fire & Rescue NSW team after four days of training in Armidale.

“They actually put you in real scenarios so they have what they call Charlie’s house, so it’s set up inside like an actual house… [and] it’s completely blacked out and they fill it with smoke and raise it up to 140 degrees, and they give you a scenario,” Ms McAllan said.


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